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Sonia Pascual Dermissi - Rooms Division Manager at the relexa Waldhotel Schatten

A warm welcome at the relexa Waldhotel Schatten Stuttgart. I would like to welcome you at the relexa Waldhotel Schatten. To ensure you know who your host is, I have put together some information about me. I would be happy to meet you even personally at the hotel.

Name: Sonia Pascual Dermissi

Born: 1976

My career:

  • Receptionist
  • Reservations Agent
  • Reservations Manager
  • Rooms Division Manager

Hobbies: My family, my friends, city breaks

My three favourite places in Stuttgart:

  • The stairs by the palace square
  • The Bohnenviertel
  • My garden by the Frauenkopf

Motto: Live and let live.


What was the reason for your career decision?

My multilingual skills and the prospect to meet different cultures within a hotel.

What are you especially proud of?

I know that when I'm old and gray.

What do you like especially at the relexa Waldhotel Schatten?

The La Fenêtre terrace during spring

What was your most impressive experience during your career path?

When Eros Ramazotti asked me in Italian totally desperate: "Why does nobody drink still water in Germany?"
And when he realised that I also had no explanation for it, we both started to laugh.

Who would you like to welcome to the hotel?

The Dalai Lama or the Spanish national football team.

Which famous guests have you already welcomed to the hotel?

Markus Maria Brandauer, the tennis players from the Porsche Grand Prix championship and many more

What would you like for your private future?

That I do not forget how to appreciate the small and beautiful things in life.

I am open for praise and criticism. For any comments please don’t hesitate to contact me using below contact form.

Thank you very much.

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