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A selection of dishes for your individual menu
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Menu recommendations Kaminrestaurant

Please find our selection of dishes for your individual menu. Of course our event team and the chef will counsel you to find your special menu for your special day and also the wine matching.

This might be interesting for you as well:

                    Salad of wild herbs to pear- walnut dressing
  • € 12,50   with grilled king prawns
  • € 10,50   with fried oyster mushrooms
  • €   8,50   Turkey terrine with chutney of fresh mango
  • €   8,50   Variation of smoked fish on a small bunch of green salad with fig mustard
  • €   8,00   Bell pepper mousse on toasted black bread with candied orange slices
                   and marinated rocket salad


  • €   6,50   White tomato cream soup with casil dumplings
  • €   6,50   Consommé of beef with pasta orechiette and root vegetables
  • €   6,50   Herb foam soup with puff pastry rod
  • €   7,00   Minestrone of freshwater fish with own deposit

  • € 19,50   Pork medaillons in a mushroom cream sauce with mixed vegetables and noodles
  • € 19,50   Roasted breast of corn fed chicken on a herb risotto and caramelized sugar snap peas
  • € 20,50   Boiled beef with horseradish sauce and bouillon potatoes
  • € 21,50   Slices of veal with a chocolate- thyme sauce, vegetable bouquet and potatoes au gratin
  • € 21,50   Roasted rack of lamb on a ratatouille with gratin of sweet potato
  • € 22,50   Roasted Barbarie duck breast with sage sauce on glazed baby carrots and Macaire potatoes
  • € 23,50   Crepinette of beef with a prt wine sauce, young vegetables and risolee potatoes


  • € 18,50   Home- made vegetable cannelloni on green asparagus and red pepper zabaglione
  • € 17,50   Truffle tagliatelle with baked vegetables in a Parmesan and egg mantle
  • € 17,00   Fried asian Mee noodles in sweet sour sauce


  • € 19,50   Poached filet of salmon on a saffron sauce, vegetable slices and fried dill potatoes
  • € 19,50   Fried whitefish filet with spinach, Dijon mustard sauce and black noodles
  • € 19,50   Fried pike perch filet with asian vegetables and sage potatoes
  • € 21,50   Monkfish medaillon under the tomato crust on a fennel ragout with hash browns


  • €   7,00   Three kinds of chocolate musse with fresh fruit
  • €   7,50   Crème Brûlée of the tonka bean with mandarin sorbet
  • €   7,00   Home- made bread pudding with vanilla ice cream
  • €   6,50   Vanilla parfait with raspberry sauce and fresh fruit


  • € 2,50   Fruit tartlet
  • € 3,50   Petit four
  • € 3,00   Sweet pastry 100 g
  • € 6,00   Selection of chocolate pralines 100 g
  • € 6,00   Selection of chocolate truffles 100 g
  • € 6,00   Pichelsteiner stew with meat and vegetable
  • € 6,00   Swabian ravioli soup
  • € 6,00   Swabian beef stew
  • € 6,00   Spicy goulash soup with bread
  • € 9,00   Selection of cheese with grapes and nuts, served with bread and butter
  • € 8,00   Black forest ham and cooked ham with fruit, bread and butter
  • € 9,00   Selection of salami with bread and olive oil 


Menu 1: p.p. € 38,50

  • Wild herb salad from "Keltenhof" with apple-balsamic dressing and sage croutons
  • Wild garlic soup with pike-perch
  • Supreme of corn-fed chicken with port wine sauce and ratatouille with butter noodles
  • Panna Cotta with rhubarb ragout

Menu 2: p.p. € 42,00

  • Carpaccio of beetroot with hot-smoked salmon
  • Poultry consommé with morel dumpling
  • Delicate boiled veal with horseradish foam, mixed vegetables and parsley potatoes
  • Lime mousse with marinated strawberries

Menu 3: p.p. € 47,50

  • Buffalo mozzarella with tomato salsa and rocket
  • Cream soup of chanterelles with croutons
  • Crepinette of beef with red wine sauce, mixed vegetables and fine mashed potatoes
  • Sorbets with fresh fruits

Menu 1: p.p. € 35,00

  • Marinated wild herb salad with chanterelles
  • Pork fillet wrapped in bacon with thyme, with carrots and homemade egg noodles
  • Elderflower parfait with berries ragout

Menu 2: p.p. € 44,00

  • Summer salads with fresh raspberries, croutons and white balsamico dressing
  • Cress soup with smoked salmon
  • Roast veal fillet with herb crust in port wine sauce on celeriac puree and dumplings
  • Passion fruit mousse with citrus salad

Apsaragus menu (from april, price on request)

  • Cream of asparagus soup with insert
  • Salad of green asparagus with grilles walleye
  • White asparagus in hollandaise sauce with black forest ham and potatoes
  • Vanilla parfait with strawberry and mint

Menu 1: p.p.€ 32,00

  • Salmon tartare with apple and horseradish
  • Crispy corn-fed chicken breast with vegetables straw, ratatouille and parmesan potatoes
  • Warm bread pudding with vanilla ice cream

Menu 2: p.p. € 33,50

  • Roulade of brook trout with lemon-herb cream on beetroot
  • Venison stew in juniper cream with apple red cabbage and homemade hazelnut spaetzle
  • Pear "Helene" on the nature of chef de cuisine

Menu 3: p.p. € 44,00

  • Corn salad with cranberry dressing, apple stripes and croutons
  • Cream of pumpkin soup with Styrian pumpkin seed oil
  • Sirloin steak with red wine-shallot sauce and potato gratin
  • Parfait of honey and vanilla on plums

Menu 1: p.p. € 48,50

  • Corn salad with potato dressing, crispy bacon and croutons
  • Poached cod on lemon risotto
  • Veal fillet in Savoy coat Trollinger sauce with fine mashed potatoes
  • Almond parfait with apple chutney

Menu 2: p.p. € 44,00

  • Mixed leaf salad with house dressing
  • Strong potato soup with smoked salmon
  • Roasted duck breast with orange sauce, almond broccoli and potato croquettes
  • Baked apple with vanilla sauce and nut crumble

Geese menu (from November, price on request)

  • Praline of foie gras, pear chutney and corn salad
  • Chestnut soup with croutons and cognac
  • Goose breast and leg with red cabbage and potato dumplings
  • Cinnamon parfait on stewed plums