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Chicago- the Broadway musical

Chicago is one of the hottest and most exciting musicals Broadway has ever seen. The show features a mix of passionate love and lies, fame and vanity, deceit and betrayal, sex and crime - garnished with hot jazz and dance scenes in the unique lifestyle of the '20s.

Chicago in the '20s : The nightclub singer Roxie Hart murders her lover. In prison, she gets to know the corrupt Mama Morton and Velma Kelly. Velma, also a dancer and media star, plans to continue her career after her release. Therefore the the scheming lawyer Billy Flynn Star should accomplish her disimprisonment, but hes got the same plans for Roxie too. An opaque triangle game starts, in which the two dancers vying for Flynn. As the tabloid journalist Mary Sunshine then ensures that Roxie as " Jazz - killer " became a media star, a confusion of tricks, lies and jealousy begins. Will the dancers regain their freedom, fame and wealth again, using the media?

Be there and experience the Chicago of the 20s in your Musical in Stuttgart , from 11/06/2014!

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