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Fire protection workshop in October 2014

In terms of fire protection we did a lot at the relexa Waldhotel Schatten Stuttgart this year: All rooms are now equipped with smoke detectors as required by law. Each floor also has a fire alarm. In October, we have carried out a fire safety workshop in collaboration with LWS security GmbH. This consisted of a theoretical and a practical part. We learned about the classification of fire extinguishers as well as extinguishing tactics. In a two-hour practical part we were trained on the proper use of fire extinguishers with the help of a fire simulator. Mr Heidenreich and his colleague Mr Haller also demonstrated how dangerous the storage of cleaning wool next to batteries can be and that you can extinguish large- scale fires only in a team.

Fire extinguishers
Fire extinguishers.
It goes that fast...
Large-scale fire
Large- scale fire
Fire sources.
Magnesium fire
Aerosol cans

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