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Museum Palace Rosenstein

Nature meets culture: The heart of the park is the Rosenstein Palace, where the Natural History exhibition of the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History is housed.

The exhibition is divided into six very different sections:

  •      Evolution: How the story of life is decrypted? All answers to the imposing African elephant.
  •      Diversity of Life - the order of life: you get an overview of the most important plant and animal groups from algae to humans.
  •      Environment and Conservation: focus on some of the most valuable products of the museum, which completely extinct species such as Cape lion or thylacine.
  •     Native habitats: a "walk-identification book" in which you learn about the wildlife in southwest Germany.
  •     Mammals of the sea: whales, seals and sirens around the stunning 13-meter Sei whale.
  •     Habitats of the earth: Five elaborately staged rooms, a journey through the large landscaped areas of the world. of the tropical rainforest to the icy wastes of the polar regions.

    More information can be found on Museums Schloss Rosenstein.

    Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History  (SMNS) 

    Rosenstein 1 

    D-70191 Stuttgart 

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    Opening times:

    Tue - Fri 9am until 5pm
    Sat, Sun and bank holiday 10am until 6pm
    Monday closed


    Adults: 4 €  (concessions 2.50 €)
    Wednesday from 1pm free entrance.

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