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The long traditional history of the Waldhotel in Stuttgart since 1783.

The Waldhotel Stuttgart has a history of more than two centuries. Here are some very interesting facts.

The 18th century - founding

In 1783, Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg, built the road from Stuttgart to Calw.

"In Magstadt  sat the innkeeper Eberle at  the Pub '"Zum Schatten" (to the shadow). He was a hard working man, who served a good cider and knew how to strengthen the farmer with a great snack. One beautiful day in 1783 the Duke odered him to build an Inn by the road side with stables, where coach man would be able to rest and provide food for their horses.

Near the stream Talmulde, which arises from the lively stream Glems, where the road goes straight through the Magstadter Forest ... Eberle built his stately inn. There was no shadow at all, it was in the blasting heat from the sun, which shone all day until late evening, when the sun set behind the forest. In the forest many deer and wild boar were hunted and killed. The innkeeper Eberle named his new inn after his old pub, but behind the house in the big garden you could sit on hot summer days in the shadow provided by the big trees."

                                                                                                                                           (Excerpt from a newspaper report 03.08.1950)

19th century - further development

For generations, families in and around Stuttgart were entertained on Sundays with wine and beer as well as the
traditional "brawn", "pretzels" and sausages. Between 1828 to 1894 the owners changed several times. In 1894 Carl Ludwig Maier acquired the inn, which was by now called "Kurhaus Schatten". He went down in history as the "Schattenmeier", who undertook extensive renovation and expansion of the attic and created the first guest rooms.

"Under the 25-year management of Carl Ludwig Maier the basic guest house on the main road to Calw had many travellers passing as well as upper class visitors ... This is why the "Old Maier" was even recommended by the beloved King William II to provide for guests of the hunting events from the "Bärenschlössle" opposite, which was located in the deer park .

In the kitchen of the "Schatten Guest House" Mrs. Caroline prepared  deer, rough wild boar from the nearby wildlife park,  perch and pike from the clear park lakes of the royal estate and cooked them for the royal hunting guests of the 'Bärenschlössle."

                                                                                                                                                                                 (Excerpts from the "Filder Boten" 1934)

20th century -  the time of the wars

What today seems almost incredible: until 1901, the water for the guest house had to be brought in barrels from the nearby springs Schattengrund. With the refurbishment in 1912 a new modern Kurhaus Schatten was presented with a new brillance.

Even after the old "Schattenmaier" had gone into retirement, the guest house remained in possession of his family. It flourished and prospered, but then came the war. On the 10th October 1944 the guest house burned down after an air raid. Only the foundation walls remained. While the guest house continued to operate immediately in the adjoining building, the Schatten was rebuilt during 1949 - 1950 and opened on 27th July 1950 at its usual location.

In 1960 the guest house became the property of Mrs. Hede Zeller, who was already well know in the Stuttgarts hospitality industry. Another fire destroyed parts of the building in 1965. Mrs. Zeller used the opportunity when rebuilding the guest house to renovate it and at the same time to expand and add the bedroom wing and the fireplace restaurant underneath.

The last major change was in 1987. After she managed the hotel with love and commitment for 27 years, Mrs. Zeller handed her hotel to the relexa hotel GmbH. After the acquisition of the hotel the historical part of the building was restored and modernised. Today the hotel is a listed building and offers 40 economy rooms. With another extension the hotel room capacity was increased by an additional 100 rooms and suites.

And at last - today
The relexa Waldhotel Schatten is now a tranquil business and conference hotel in the countryside. The 4 * star Waldhotel Stuttgart offers 138 rooms in different categories and 10 meeting and event rooms as well as a restaurant with a fireplace, terrace and balcony, a cosy Solitude Bar with Sky Sports and a modern Sauna and Fitness area.

The relexa Waldhotel Schatten wishes to thank Mr. Walter Mezger, Mrs. Hede Zeller as well as Mrs. Kukacka, Mr. Probst, Mr. Peter Stähle and Frau Birgit Barth for the cooperation in the development of historical facts as well as compiling the text.