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Meet Pero the bush dog

In the year 2014/15 the relexa Waldhotel Schatten Stuttgart took the sole Wilhelma animal sponsorship on bush dog Pero. On October 20th, 2014 we were invited to the annual Wilhelma sponsor day. At this day you get a chance to meet your sponsored animal on a personal level. So did we. 

Bush dogs are originally native to South America. On the outside they don't look like dogs, more like thick martens.They prefer to live in forests and savannas in the north of Soutch America. Since 2006 the bush dogs are on the Red list of endangered species of the IUCN. Our sponsored animal Pero is a male bush dog and dad to 3 youngsters. He and his partner Kesera joined the Wilhelma in 2012 and live in a small compound near the elefants and tigers.

Male bush dogs are distinct family animals. They hover over their partner and offspring which makes one of the few species where the male part cares that intensly for the family. We could watch that: When we apporached the compound Pero came out a few times to have a close look on us and checked if we are danger to his family. Afterwards he always kept an eye on his youngs. The caretaker who accompanied us told us that bush dogs are very good swimmers. Therefore the compound is equipped by a small pond. Only by accident- a diet Pero had to be put on- they found out that bush dogs like to eat turnips. During our visit they played with turnips all the time. But such a big turnip needs to be handled which obvisouly gave the kids a hard time but also lots of fun. 

When we decided for a Wilhelma sponsorship we found a bush dog a good match. The species prefers forests to live in. Our hotel is situated in a forest. We are very happy to sponsor such a cute little guy.

Find out more about Pero and his friends on the Wilhelma website. The Wilhelma with its historical buildings, botanical garden and over 1.000 species of animals is of ravenous beauty and always worth a visit.   

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