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Swabian buffet

Swabian buffet - at least 30 people -

Appetizers and salads:

  • Smoked trout fillet with horseradish cream
  • Black Forest ham with pickled vegetables
  • Swiss sausage salad with and without cheese
  • Cold roast pork with remoulade sauce
  • Swabian potato salad, coleslaw, radish salad, cucumber salad
  • Mixed salad with homemade dressings
  • Light and dark bread, butter


  • Swabian ravioli soup


  • Trout cream soup

Main courses:

  • Glazed pork on the bone with honey sauce
  • Roastbeef -piece fried- with onion melt and Trollinger sauce
  • Cheese noodles with fried onions

Side dishes:

  • Colorful vegetables, savoy cabbage, spaetzle noodles


  • Bread pudding with vanilla sauce
  • Black forest ice bundt cake with cherry compote
  • Semolina pudding with apple chutney, fruit salad

€ 43,00 per person

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